Volunteer Army

Community Powered Volunteering

What Is Volunteer Army ?

Cygnus Volunteer Army is a network connecting, more than companies, causes, with ambitious people willing to contribute in the growth of a shared vision.

Why Volunteer Army ?

At the very end, a shared vision, ideal or cause is more powerful than just money itself, look at the French Revolution, this is what is fueling Cygnus Ecosystem. This is what we aim will fuel the growth of the world, just as it was, so it will be, forever.

All In One

Volunteer opportunities within the network come from every valuable cause and can be either physical or virtual, here are some of the main thematics addressed:

- I.T., Technology & Science;

- Legal, Business & Marketing;

- Admin Support;


- Poverty eradication;

- Medical & Healthcare;

- Childcare;

- Work;

- Education;

- Diseases;

- Conflicts;

- Human rights;

- Community;

- Environmental Protection.

Win Prizes

By offering your services as a volunteer, in certain cases you will receive a reward in Cygnus tokens, which may vary based on different types of activity & time spent, you can fuel your favourite project's growth & optimization when you wish without forced fixed structuring and get rewarded to do so with up to thousands of Cygnus tokens. 


Contact Module; for support, sales, business, pr, careers & other Inquiries

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