Token Distribution

We Empower People, Not Third Parties Or Large Corporations

What is Cygnus Token Distribution ?

Cygnus Token Distribution, through Cygnus Blockchain Network and Cygnus token, enables the redistribution of part or fully of the Cygnus Ecosystem profits, which include every product or service offered by Cygnus, to the active users within the network.

Why Cygnus Token Distribution ?

We believe in empowering the people rather than third parties & large corporations, that is one of our key principles, such entities treat users like numbers in order to make profits off of you, with Cygnus and Cygnus profit redistribution we aim to create a totally different environment, where each user has its own share of the network.

How Does It Work ?

Each user must be verified within each platform chosen (Cygnus Marketplaace, Life Social Network, Crazehine Video Game etc.) in order to participate, once verified you'll be able to update your Cygnus wallet address within the platform/s. You'll receive a share of the Ecosystem profits in Cygnus tokens distributed in different ways based on different platforms, mostly you must be an active user within the network.

There Are Over 2.5 Billion People Living In Inadequate Conditions And Other Billions Who Are Able To Improve Their Living Conditions, Through Cygnus Profit Redistribution, Cygnus Tools & Projects From Cygnus Ecosystem We Are Able To Change The World


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