Skill Based E-Sports

Transform Your Passion Into Your Profession

What is Skill Based E-Sports ?

Powered by smart contracts through Cygnus Blockchain Network and Cygnus token, Cygnus Skill Based E-Sports system is the next revolution in the gaming/e-sports industry, the world's first decentralized e-sports system which enables players to compete with each other through the placing of Cygnus tokens as stake with always guaranteed winning rates between 90% and 99%, enabling players to earn Cygnus tokens by just playing video games.

How Does It Work ?

Cygnus Skill Based E-sports Tournaments integrate different modes where 90/100 to 99/100 of the players win from 0,11% to 1,1% within a 1:00 to 2:30 minutes match, the very few player/s who lose one particular match are penalized with a 1% to 10% loss on their token amount, which is distributed back to the other 90 to 99 players and can be made back within a few tens of matches, meaning from around 15 minutes to 1-2 hours depending on the choosen mode; by playing 8-10 hours per day players are able to play around 100 to 500 matches, meaning Cygnus Skill Based E-sports allows billions of people to win up to hundreds of percentages daily on Cygnus Tokens.

Lending System

We integrate a lending system which provides players who have received a penality the full amount of tokens lost locked on the system, which can be used to re-play the same mode instantly, the player can always re-use the lending system as long as the amount bet is enough to cover the 0,02% to 0,2% cut on the token amount and the % in case of loss from the available token balance.

Why Cygnus Token ?

Cygnus token hosts instantaneous transactions, by being based on Cygnus Blockchain Network is able to scale infinitely; It is the safest tool which can be used for the Skill Based E-sports tournaments as the system is fully powered by smart contracts, which make the whole process transparent and immutable, in addition the tokens are always stored inside Cygnus third party wallet, reducing almost to zero the possibility to get hacked and last, since the circulating supply of Cygnus token implements a backing system, means you'll be always able to be refunded in case you do not want to use the tokens anymore;

Cheat Prevention

It often happens that in video games some players use cheats such as infinite health, infinite ammunition, aim bot, wall-hack etc.; we prevent any kind of hack implementing 2 techniques, a) Anti-cheat software, which detects cheats and blocks the account of the targeted users before even starting the game; b) KYC, Cygnus implements user verification in order to use Cygnus wallets, meaning every player who use cheats during E-sports tournaments is forever recorded transparently & immutably and will be criminally convicted.

Min. Stake = 1 CYG

Max. Stake = ∞

Managed Tournaments

Managed tournaments consist in Cygnus, as a company, managing the e-sports tournaments for clients who are not gamers, in this case we can almost guarantee a free token amount per year based on the token owned, the service is fully managed by Cygnus without the need to play or get involved in the E-sports tournaments personally.