Neural Pandora

Enabling The Internet Of Thoughts


Our vision is to enable the as so called Internet Of Thoughts and "Global Brain" through Brain/Cloud Interfaces (B/CI), Brain/Computer interfaces (BCI), Brain To Brain interfaces (BBI) which may include Nanobots, a new era for humanity and the world enabling everyone to be more connected than ever with each other, literally bringining the world together, empowering humanity like never before, the next revolution & frontier in technology.


The applications of such technology are unlimited, some of the most interesting ones that we are exploring are a) Hyper Knowledge, enabling humans to download into their brain the whole existing knowledge instantly, b) Hyper Intelligence, increasing mental skills & capacity. c) Mind Switch, a feature that allows users to change their way of thought, memory, skills, personality and other features by enabling consciousness to be used/implemented from/in another brain/virtual brain, also we will be able to be in multiple brains, locations etc. at the same time. d) Create, shape, share, live and feel virtual worlds from the brain only through Cygnus Multiverse. e) Collective Thinking / Global Brain, the ability for humans and A.I. to connect, collaborate and access to cloud & internet through the brain only, such application will be most likely powered by Quantum computing, Quantum internet & transmission of data at the speed of light through photons.


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