Life Social Network

Socialize & Share Your Life Experiences With The World

What is Life ?

Life is a software extension of Cygnus marketplace; a social network where people are able to socialize, share content, ideas, opinions, their life experiences and more to the world.

The platform hosts :

- Fully customizable in terms of colours & backgrounds;

Share ideas, opinions, thoughts, news, life experiences & moments, start connections with new people & make new friends, meet millions of others intrested your passions, create your own community;

- World's first function which lets everyone share their life on camera, with the leaderboard of most watched & intresting lifes , rewards, interaction with the public and much more. Who is willing to use such life sharing function will have no judgment from outside, which would be like removing ratings & reviews on Cygnus marketplace. Among the millions of things which could be done through this feature, here’s a concrete example: Over 4 billion people follow football worldwide. A football match could be seen directly in first person from the footballer view in virtual reality (V.r.) and feel the same emotions & life; Make & Live your own film. In the future the Life Sharing function will be able to be used through Mind Switch as reported in Neural Pandora.

- World's first feature which lets everyone to be seen, share & tell their story, their life experiences, their values, their visions & more to the world, everyone will have its own space with direct exposure to the whole platform;

- World’s first feature which lets people create a new identity valid only on a separated network on the platform to connect with other people anonymously without any fear or shame and without knowing each other real identity;

- World's first fuction which allows you to design your own social media page without any forced fixed template. You could just free the creativity that is in you and create the most astonishing social media page ever built !

- Rewards based on the traction provided to active users & content creators who share cool content & experiences by redistributing the platform earnings to the community through Cygnus Profit Redistribution; in this case the rewards can get very high, up to millions of Cygnus tokens per person per year for the major content creators & influencers.

- Blockchain integration which enables users to reward content creators with Cygnus token;

- Decentralized, transparent & privacy focused;

- Social commerce integration, publishers can sell their physical & digital content for Cygnus tokens, Cygnus business model is able to save significant amount of time and money to its users;

- A friends section with the ability to connect with friends and other users worldwide together and socialize;

- Connection with Cygnus Universe where everyone has its own avatar and can engage many different activities, build their own world & create their own gameplay;

- V.R. & A.R. integration on the platform which lets people explore a new way of user experience;

- Dedicated support for any issue concerning the platform.


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