Innovate And Monetize Through Cygnus Tools And Expertise

What Is It ?

Cygnus looks for ambitious people and entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas in order to create a unique business network mechanism able to create the right infrastructure to empower those who are willing to play the game of life.

Through Cygnus business ecosystem you are able to start a new business or expand an already existing one, we mainly look for innovative and disruptive ideas with global ambitions started by people who are looking to have a relevant impact in the world.

No Cost / No Equity / No Revenue

We empower people and organizations within Cygnus ecosystem like none in the world, Cygnus collaboration is fully performance based and does not require:


a) Cash, partnering with Cygnus to start or expand a business requires no upfront costs; nor


b) Equity, after partnering with Cygnus you'll still have 100% of your company equity and full control over your company; nor

c) Customers or one single dollar in revenue;

We have solely one pricing structure, a variable % of the whole business revenue depending on various factors, which can be increased or decreased.

Why Cygnus ?

Cygnus ecosystem empowers its users, we are the opposite of traditional accellerators or investors, we invest more than money, we invest ourselves, our beliefs and efforts in order to make you successfull in every sector.

With Cygnus you can start with $0 cost, you need just an Idea, the innovation behind it, ambition and global aim, we'll take care of the rest, we believe every expense now will be covered by no less of 10 times more in future revenue prospects.


By being officially part of Cygnus Business Network and Cygnus Ecosystem through a performance based collaboration you will access and receive:

- "Partner" position within Cygnus Business Network & Cygnus Ecosystem, which is going to improve the brand value, trust and credibility in regard to your business;

- Formation of the right mindset and definition of goals;

- Expertise from Cygnus for the creation of strategies, business plan and concrete execution;

- Connections from Cygnus, Cygnus has built connections with millions of targeted companies and people in 200+ countries during its years of existence, we enable you to access such connections in order to create the necessary infrastructure for your business to build, release, expand and market every kind of products & services.

- Cost saving, in certain areas Cygnus, over the years, was able to save millions of euros in development costs by adopting particular techniques, we enable you to adopt the same.

- Deployment of free capital based on the project needs & growth up to millions of euros.


- Tools from Cygnus: 

a) Integration of Cygnus PayCygnus token;

b) Integration of Cygnus Cloud solutions;

c) Integration of Cygnus Profit Redistribution;

e) Integration within Cygnus relevant networks / platforms;

- Valuation of the business, money is a belief system, if you believe it has value, it has value. If your business/project/idea is innovative and disruptive enough you might be already a multi-billionaire without knowing it. Also, conversely than others we personally value a business based on the quality of the product and its potential impact on the market, not just the revenue as most of the corporate investors do.

Need An Idea ? 

Cygnus has connections which enable the discovery of thousands of innovative different projects which can be started by ambitious people and entrepreneurs and will have a revolutionarly global impact. Through our business network you may be able to access a few ideas and start the project you like the most.


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