Live Forever On The Cloud

What is Immortality ?

By researching, analyzing & studying neurotechnology and its applications, which have already shown the concrete possibility to connect the human brain to technologies, potentially in the next decades we are able to develop and release a solution which will be able to host our minds & consciousness on the cloud and enable everyone to be immortal and live forever.

Highest Security Level

With this project, which is one of the most important, if not the most important project in the history of humanity, security is fundamental infrastructure to prevent any possible breach into the system, that's where Cygnus Blockchain Quantum Network comes in, as provides the necessary transparency and immutability in order to prevent any manipulation of the underline system.

Highest Scalability

As well as security, scalability is another fundamental infrastructure in order to allow the whole system to work without any interruption and with the highest performance considering that there are going to be billions of minds hosted, again, fortunately Cygnus Blockchain Quantum Network is able to scale infinitely through the adoption of different techniques & mechanics.

How Does It Work ?

Once the hosting process itself is completed, there are two ways to applicate the solution:


a) Cygnus Multiverse, the most suitable & flexible solution, a sophisticated virtual world.

b) Daisy, a sophisticated human-like android, which may be used in the present world.

By implementing time-dilation with new techniques, every second could be optimized to be one day, one year or scaled infinitely.

Why Immortality ?

Death has been one of the biggest challanges for humanity and generally the world itself, this technology will help us to save several trillion dollars, overcome all the world's diseases, save several billion lives worldwide and a lot more.

Anyway, most likely we are already immortal and once we die we respawn in another entity, meaning features like death, diseases, difficulty to fulfill goals and other issues are part of the game, implemented in order to make every moment more valuable.

Also, since our brain is already some sort of computer technology, we could use it directly for some features without relying on other additional technologies.


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