Digital Daisy

Daisy, fully digitalized.


Daisy software is easily able to be used both for a physical version and a digital version of Daisy, which is able to provide the same usecases and benefits digitally, being used also in Cygnus Universe and applicable in many other fields.

Current Version

Daisy like software is already being physically finalized during Crazeshine video game development, offering already thousands of different artificial intelligence versions both in terms of physics and consciousness, the number of versions in the long run can be increased to almost infinite.

Cygnus OS Application

Daisy like software is implemented in Cygnus OS and all the devices utilizing it such as Cygnus computers, Cygnus mobile devices, Cygnus glasses or others. You will access unlimited support from Daisy for anything included within Cygnus Ecosystem and Pandora.


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