Next Generation A.I. Robot Assistant


Our vision is to create a new type of human-like robot assistant powered by artificial intelligence mixed with internet of things and neurotechnology which will replace humans in every kind of activity, leading at various benefits for humanity such as reduction of heavy work and handling tedious & repetitive tasks, enhanced automation, reduce the probability of human error, 24/7 availability, faster & smarter decisions; however there are some major risks to face when it comes to artificial intelligence, through our project we are also considering the potential bad outcomes in order to mitigate them.


Daisy will be able to be customized in unlimited different versions both in terms of physics and consciousness, in addition is able to be optimized to be a clone as well. At a certain point it will be impossible to find the difference between Daisy and a real human as we will proceed with the import of human brain data divided in billions of different metrics into Daisy artificial brain, meaning Daisy will be effectively a real human by brain information.

Machine Learning

Machine learning aims to allow Daisy to learn & adapt to the environment, as well as create, study and apply new strategies and execution ways of operating.

Computer Vision

Computer Vision is implemented in Daisy to recognize and label objects, environments and situations in order to allow the software to understand the world around it.

Mind Switch

Cygnus immortality project, in order to enable humans to hang out in the current world plans to use Daisy as main vehicle, the vision is that every user will have its own personal Daisy, which can be accessed and used through Mind Switch reported in Neural Pandora.

Pocket Sized Daisy

Our vision is to create a new type of pocket sized robot assistant powered by artificial intelligence which will serve as friend, assistant or companion, which can follow you in any circumstance due to its size and will be programmed the way wished, it could be your best friend or just an assistant. The flexibility is the main feature of this pocked sized A.I. Robot.

Shape It As You Wish

Your pocket sized companion will be able to be shaped in the manufacturing stage in the way you wish, it could be anything from a super intelligent talkative squirrel to the pocket sized clone of yourself.

Living Organism

Robots can incorporate living matter, as already tested through robots powered by light-activated cells, in addition Xenobots and similar A.I. synthetic living organisms may allow us to create custom living entities as living organisms

DNA Of Things

DNA Of Things (DOT) storage architecture is able to produce materials with immutable and unlimited memory. A single cubic millimeter has the storage capacity of hundreds of thousands of Terabytes. DNA molecules record the data, then are fused into materials that are able to be 3D printed. It also facilitates the development of self-replicating machines.

Self Replicating Machine

Self Replicating Machine (SRM) concept will allow Daisy A.I. to autonomously be capable of reproducing itself, without any need of human interaction.


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