Next Generation A.I. Robot Assistant


Our vision is to create a new type of human-like robot assistant powered by artificial intelligence mixed with internet of things and neurotechnology which will replace humans in every kind of activity, leading at various benefits for humanity such as reduction of heavy work and handling tedious & repetitive tasks, enhanced automation, reduce the probability of human error, 24/7 availability, faster & smarter decisions; however there are some major risks to face when it comes to artificial intelligence, through our project we are also considering the potential bad outcomes in order to mitigate them.

Daisy + Immortality

Cygnus immortality project, in order to enable humans to hang out in the current world plans to use Daisy as main vehicle, the vision is that every user will have its own personal Daisy, which can be accessed and used through the power of software anywhere in the world.

Project Stage

This project, as well as other projects from Cygnus in terms of internet of things, artificial intelligence and neurotechnology are in the study, research, analysis and design phase and will require potentially decades in order to achieve their concrete full application.


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