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What is Cygnustube ?

CygnusTube is a software extension of Cygnus Marketplace, a video directory which enables businesses and customers to connect through videos of products & services posted by Publishers, and is the world's first platform which re-distributes 80% of its profits to its Users through Cygnus profit re-distribution.

For Publishers

Publishers are able to post eye catching interesting videos to attract Users in order to promote a product, service or website. The length of each video is 0:30 to 5:00 / 10:00 minutes.

The cost will be accredited just if a user watches a full video and futher clicks the relevant link + accomplishing selected tasks by the Publisher (such as register on the website, newsletter sign up, free trial sign up, follow social media accounts, post content on blogs & social media etc.). The base cost is $0,50 per click, which may be raised as an auction up to hundreds of dollars based on other sellers rates, traction needed and other factors; additional costs or revenue share percentages may be added in relation to specific tasks accomplished by users.

With this technique, advertisers are able to generate traffic, leads, customers, sales, community members, social media exposure and more to their website/s and account/s.

For Users

Users of the platform are able to watch videos posted by Publishers to find interesting products & services to promote, purchase and/or utilize.


In order to empower the users in first place, through Cygnus profit re-distribution, verified users who adopt the platform will be rewarded with 80% of the advertising money in form of Cygnus token, leaving the rest 20% to Cygnus. The amount of tokens received is based on the level of traction provided on the platform, there are going to be User verification and reward limits in order to prevent spam, fakes or scams.


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