Cygnus Supply Chain

Decentralized, Transparent & Immutable Supply Chain Tracking 

What is it ?

Cygnus Supply Chain architecture works through Cygnus Blockchain Network distributed ledger technology, which keeps track of every transaction on its shared pulic chain available for anyone to review, through it we are able to identify and track product movement globally from the suppliers & manufacturers to the end consumer. 

The Solution

Every party in the network from the manufacturing stage to the distribution, including the logistics involved, share the product movement data on the public ledger, this enables to trace the origin of the product, its ownership and authenticity.

The Benefit

This infrastructure as a base to the overall network enables to eliminate faults within the system by providing cryptographically verified details of products and their movement, it can be applied to all the industries available included but not limited to healthcare, fashion, beauty etc. and enables the end users to be aware of the whole process.

This puts an end to counterfeit and low-quality products from the origin, enabling the saving of millions of lives due to fake medical treatments, trillions of dollars and loss of revenue for the companies hurted.


The implementation mechanism works through Cygnus E-commerce Ecosystem and beyond, within included but not limited to Cygnus Marketplace, Cygnus Logistics Network with Cygnus Delivery extension, Cygnus B2B Market and Cygnus Directory.


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