Cygnus Services

Secure, Reliable & Affordable Services Market Extension

What is Cygnus Services ?

Cygnus Services is a software extension of Cygnus Marketplace, which offers B2C & B2B services divided in different categories integrating all the features and benefits of Cygnus Marketplace and Cygnus Ecosystem, included but not limited to Cygnus Quality verification metric, Cygnus Token usage & Cygnus community powered model with related features.


Cygnus Services categories are divided in thousands of different categories available some of the main ones are IT, software development, online marketing, reputation management, legal, admin support, graphics & design, writing & translation, music & audio, video & animation, lifestyle, business services and more.

Cygnus Cloud

Cygnus Cloud integrates its own community based support, through Cygnus Services connection you can access consulting, professional software development as well as Search engine optimization, marketing and other services for your platform.

Life Social Page

Life Social Network integrates the world's first feature which enables anyone to design its own social media page instead of having a forced fixed structuring to rely on, Cygnus Services integrate consluting & page development services specifically targeting Life Social Media pages of users globally.

Cygnus Services Experts

Cygnus Services Experts are the elite category of service providers within Cygnus Service Network and Cygnus Ecosystem in general, after passing the Cygnus Quality verification, they are verified to fully compatible with the necessary expertise to work specifically on custom solutions within Cygnus Ecosystem.


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