Cygnus Router

Stay Connected, Worldwide

What is Cygnus Router ?

Cygnus Router is the next generation of Wi-Fi application, 6 GHz Wi-Fi based on Cygnus Blockchain Network, features:


a) No Cost: The cost of cloud & hosting services on Cygnus Blockchain Network is $0, meaning enables the saving of trillions of dollars in cloud computing costs.

b) No Hack: The data processed through Cygnus Blockchain Network is transparent, immutable and cannot be altered or manipulated in any case, each user within the network is able to store its personal data safely without reliance on vulnerable central servers or authorities preventing breaches.

c) Unlimited Scalability: Being based on Cygnus Blockchain Network, allows Cygnus Router Internet Network to be infinitely scalable and able to handle large amount of data without any issues.



Cygnus Router is divided in Stationary & Mobile, in addition Cygnus E-Router is able to be utilized based on Cygnus Devices, the routers model accodate 6 Ghz Wi-Fi and enable to be connected with Pandora Internet Network in every corner of the world.

Cygnus Devices Interactive 3D Models Are Coming Soon !

Stay tuned on to be the first looking and interacting with Cygnus Devices Virtual interactive 3D Models and related accessories & features.


Cygnus E-Router is the Router integration by default within Cygnus Devices, working in combination with Cygnus E-Sim, being able to freely powere internet within devides without the need of external hardware.