Cygnus Quality

Quality Over Quantity Within Cygnus E-commerce Network

What is Cygnus Quality ?

Cygnus Quality, is a verification metric through which Cygnus verifies the quality & reliability of sellers, products & services within Cygnus E-commerce Network in order to prevent any kind of bad listings, issue, fraud and to assure the highest standards for the community.

Why Cygnus Quality ?

Cygnus verification of quality is community powered, we incentivize users within the network to find bad quality, fraudulent, low standards sellers, products & services and send us a report through a simple "Report" button within Cygnus E-commerce platforms stating the issues, Cygnus will personally get in touch with the reported seller after repetitive reports to physically verify if such claims are true or not and take action accordingly.

In order to obtain the "Cygnus Quality" mark on its profile, products or services, a seller shall not receive any valid reports for a certain period measured in months/years, sales quantity and must get verified physically the quality of service offered by Cygnus.

Win Prizes

Cygnus offers a Cygnus token commission which may vary based on different types of reports and is accredited if the report made leads to a successfull result, you can fill the report within Cygnus platforms and get rewarded to do so with up to several thousands of Cygnus tokens per successfull report. 

In Addition

We know how important is user feedback, that's why we implement a way for each user to send its feedback in regards to products & services offered on the platforms in order for Cygnus and other sellers to shape & improve them accordingly.


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