Cygnus Pay

Facilitating Peer To Peer Transactions Within Cygnus Ecosystem

What is Cygnus Pay ?

Cygnus Pay is Cygnus Payment Software Solution which facilitates peer to peer trade of products & services within Cygnus Ecosystem and enables regulated transaction mechanics through smart contracts needed in order to provide transparency, security & fairness.

Why Can't I Use Just Cygnus Wallets ?

Cygnus Wallets already enable the zero cost instant transfer of Cygnus Token, but when purchasing a product or service, there are some regulations needed in order to prevent fraud and technical issues to arise, that is why we must use Cygnus Pay in order to transact within Cygnus platforms, a common example would be a user that might send a payment with a lesser amount than the one specified, in that case the transaction will be canceled.


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