Cygnus Omniverse

Immerse Yourself In The Virtual World

What is Cygnus Omniverse ?

Cygnus Omniverse is a blockchain based scenario which is divided in different scenarios & links, such as a) connection to Life Social Network, b) a Replica of the real world updated in real time where players are able to live digitally the same life with some changes based on their wishes, c) in addition each player is able to create its own personal virtual scenario or world and create & play anything possible imaginable without limits.

Master World

The so called Master World is the base existing environment where users are going to spend their time, through the Master World every user is able to access all the other worlds & connections.

World Sharing

Within the Universe, everyone is able to create worlds, levels and content able to be shared to the overall community, which is in turn able to adapt and play any existing scenario, level or content based on their wishes.

Community Powered

Cygnus Universe bears the same philosophy of Cygnus Ecosystem, being powered by the people through different priciples such as being built by a community of millions of people, rather than a central corporation; a shared network, through which users are able to store data & identity without the reliance on central servers or authorities or manipulation of data; And last but not least, our goals and vision are aligned with the ones of billions of people worldwide, having the support of everyone and taking care of each individual's needs.


Cygnus Universe, by being based on Cygnus Blockchain Network is a decentralized self-governed autonomous ecosystem which does not require human interaction to exist, work and change and will remain active infinitely with no ability to be shut down, no down times and no physical presence in the outside world.

Digital A.I.

Cygnus Universe integrates sophisticated artificial intelligence living entities, which can be customized and personalized in unlimited different versions and shapes both in terms of physics and consciousness and will power virtual scenarios creating an always evolving self-changing ecosystem.

Zero Energy Concept

The Zero Energy Universe concept states that the total amount of energy in the universe is zero, the amount of positive energy in the form of matter is exactly canceled out by its negative energy in the form of gravity. Cygnus is studying this hypothesis in order to potentially replicate the universe the same way is right now as well as Perpetual motion and perpetual motion machines implementation (view PZEEAITQBN).