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What is Cygnus Mobile ?

Cygnus Mobile is a new set of blockchain powered mobile devices supporting 5G internet network and Pandora, which integrate Cygnus ecosystem products, features and models,  serving as part of the foundation of an entire new cost-free, decentralized, scalable & secure ecosystem powered by the people, Cygnus.

Cygnus OS

Cygnus Mobile devices operative system (OS) is built upon open source software with the contribution of thousands of people and hundreds of leading companies, supporting every possible feature imaginable, the core feature, which makes Cygnus Mobile differ than all others is that is powered by Cygnus Blockchain Network & related features, enabling the integration of benefits such as decentralized nature, cost saving, security & scalability.

Pandora Powered Internet

The Cygnus Cloud powered Pandora Ecosystem will serve as the main internet network present within the platform powered in turn by 5G, providing an entire new internet structure with trust, transparency and security as main foundations.

Learn more about Pandora: Pandora Ecosystem


Cygnus Mobile devices are built with compatibility to Brain/Cloud interfaces (B/CI) and Brain/Computer Interfaces (BCI), enabling Cygnus Mobile devices and Internet Network to be accessed and utilized directly with the brain through signals.

Phone & Tablet

Cygnus Mobile devices are divided in phones & tablets, for any type of usecase, wtith an extraordinary super slim, light, soft & endearing design architecture mixed with a full set of customizable colours & attachments, Cygnus Mobile devices have a display retina 5K and do not require any hardware component, all the processing & storage will be done through Cygnus Blockchain Network, providing high level security + unlimited memory & speed, in addition enable massive cost saving on hardware components. 

Transparent Concept

As well as in other industries Cygnus strive to always find the next design concept which will change the way we see a particular product or service, with "Transparent Concept" we aim to design & finalize an entire new design for Cygnus Mobile devices, enabling the implementation of a transparent design similar to glass, completely transparent.


Accessories are divided in external drives, usb devices, cases, chargers, headphones, beats headphones, speakers, keyboards, touch devices as well as additional softwares.

The Price

By generating & utilizing Cygnus Token within Cygnus Ecosystem platforms you'll be able to acquire Cygnus Mobile devices & related accessories for free including shipping. Otherwise you will have to pay between €250 EUR and a few thousand euros depending on the product requirements & additionals in a single purchase or through installment payments.

The price for a mobile device with the same configuration and specifications would be up to several million euros from anyone in the world aside Cygnus.


(The pricing does not include discounts which may be applied)


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