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What is it ?

*Currently Cygnus Marketplace is in Private Beta*

Cygnus marketplace is the most user-friendly & interactive, world's first and only all in one peer to peer global marketplace for all your needs within just 1 click away where sellers earn 100% of the revenue which eliminates the need to swap between millions of apps, Cygnus is one of the most attractive platform for advertisers in the world by implementing the whole class of products & services purchasable online & users use the platform exactly to buy those products, Cygnus is the most flexible, dynamic, secure and innovative platform in the world where users are able to take advantage of :
- The N.1 online customer assistance service in the world working 24h/7d which aims to solve the current bad customer assistance industry gap experienced by 80% of the internet users;

- Rewards to buyers & sellers based on based on the traction provided by implementing the world's first feature which re-distributes the platform profits to the community through Cygnus tokens in exchange of the contribution in the support of the network;

- Reliability, you get what you order without hidden costs/fees with the possibility of having money back guarantee within 30 days from the purchase;

- Peer to peer directories of physical/digital companies & professionals, Google filters the results it categorizes as best and shows them, at the end just about 100 results out of billions are shown, this is not fair as everyone must have equal chance to be heard, Cygnus makes everyone visible in the same way;


- The ability for billions of people to start a business with just an idea at almost no cost and get education, tech support, funding & marketing resources within Cygnus network.


- Video ad rewards section where businesses are able to host their video-content ads to engage the community and onboard customers, users are able to navigate through millions of these ads and discover new interesting products & services and get rewarded in Cygnus tokens for the traction provided;
- The possibility to adopt as payment method both fiat currencies and access the new frontier of digital currencies/tokens.

- And much more !


- No middleman controls the trade between buyers and sellers;
- The terms of trade are determined by buyers and sellers, and no middlemen intervene;
- Payment between buyers and sellers is direct, no intermediary has any role to play;
- Transactions require no third-party payment system;
- Transactions are instantaneous, without depending on a third-party;

- Transparent transactions, by enabling everyone to access the transactions on a public chain;

- Cut on sales equal to 0%;

- Accessible to everyone in the world.

Platform Evolution

Some of the sections listed on Cygnus marketplace will evolve into their own platforms to create a more user-friendly & easier usable service integrating more features & improvements into the products. Here you can find the list of the platforms under developement.

Cygnus Booking

Cygnus booking is a software extesion of Cygnus marketplace;

The platform hosts : 

- Digital bookings such as flights, cruises, hotels, apartments, houses, villas, restaurants, autos and more; by adopting Cygnus business model Cygnus booking platform alone is able to save significant amount of time and money to its users.

- A community section with the ability to connect millions of other users worldwide together by talk about & rate the services offered on the platform and beyond. 

- Dedicated support for any issue concerning the platform.

Cygnus Gaming

Cygnus gaming is a software extesion of Cygnus marketplace; a client software dedicated exclusively to gaming linked with Cygnus marketplace Video games section, with the same benefits & products.

The platform hosts :

- Fully customizable in terms of colours & backgrounds.

- Video games store where to acquire video games for any platform & operative system with the ability to use both fiat currencies & digital currencies/tokens, by adopting Cygnus business model the store is able to save significant amount of time and money to its users.

- A friends section with the ability to connect with millions of other gamers worldwide together and socialize while playing.

- Video games library where to store every acquired video game and access it easily through the platform.

- Dedicated support for any issue concerning the platform.

- Community gathering by implementing a forum dedicated just for the platform.

- Video games streaming, a streaming service concerning video games available to everyone, where viewers are able to make donations to streamers by using Cygnus token & Epislon token, which will increase even more the revenue of the streamers.

- E-sports services such as organizing & marketing of e-sports tournaments, events & bets.

- Video games communities services integrated inside the platform, where everyone is able to join video games server and get in touch with millions of other players and create its own server to invite friends.

- Developers section, where software developers can find the right tools and support to build any kind of video game.

- Cloud gaming : Cloud gaming is an online cloud server-based gaming solution as subscription basis. The gamer does not need high configuration hardware device or gaming PC. All the heavy lifting will be done in the cloud.

Cloud gaming features :

- Security
The industrial level security used by cloud computing companies prevents external interruptions such as hacking. In Cloud systems, the information is stored inside a virtual storage space and which makes the platform safer than other traditional applications.

- Compatible With Devices of Any Type
Using the highly scalable cloud platform, High-end games can be played even on lower-end machines. The limitation caused by memory requirements, graphic capacity and processing power diminishes with cloud solutions and thus provides users, an exceptional gaming experience.

- Reduced Costs
In traditional models of gaming, the companies are required to pay more for bandwidth when the traffic in the system is high. This usually happens when companies have released a new gaming title. In normal traffic periods, gaming companies use about 10 percent of server space and bandwidth and reserve the remaining 90 percentage. The cloud systems follow a ‘pay as you go’ payment strategy in which gaming companies pay only for the resources which they have utilized.

- Easy Access to Games
Even cloud is an advanced technological concept, it is easy to implement, and allows the user to access the games from any device from any location without even downloading and configuring applications.

- No More Piracy
Unlike in other systems, the physical gaming software is not available to the market which avoids the chances of piracy. Instead of the physical computers, the gamers play games in cloud servers with an access on their personal computers. So cloud diminishes the chances of unauthorized manipulation and interruptions and maintains the novelty of the game.

- Availability of More Devices
Rather than depending on the “consoles”, cloud computing supports the usage of multiple devices such as smartphones, laptops, palm-held devices, desktops, etc. The game players can enjoy the games from anywhere in the world without even carrying the console. Through the support of cloud computing, game players can enjoy their moments with a broader range of devices which belong to their routine usage.

- Immediate and Dynamic Backend Support
Compared to traditional applications, in terms of the storage capacity, cloud applications are more flexible and scalable. This makes gaming companies to provide information to the gamers as soon as they log into their account. Cloud computing platforms help gamers to perform the functions, such as saving the game or protecting it from regular access without any difficulties. The immediate response and regular access provide gamers more delightful experience and upkeep their satisfaction levels.

- Access to Multiple Games
Cloud provides the gamers the chance to play multiple games at a time. This helps companies to generate more revenue and gamers to get a delighting experience. It makes the gaming sector more dynamic by bringing active involvement of the gamers and the providers. Indeed, it forms a scenario where highly innovative and constructive contributions happen.

Cygnus Universe

Cygnus Universe is a software extension of Cygnus marketplace; a social network where people are able to share digital content, ideas, opinions to billions of other people worldwide.

The platform hosts :

- Fully customizable in terms of colours & backgrounds.

Share ideas, opinions, thoughts, news, life experiences & moments, start connections with new people & make new friends, meet millions of others intrested your passions, create your own community.

- World's first function which lets everyone share their life on camera, with the leaderboard of most watched & intresting lifes , rewards, interaction with the public and much more.

- World's first feature which lets everyone to be seen, share & tell their story, their life experiences, their values, their visions & more to the world, everyone will have its own space with direct exposure to the whole platform.

- Rewards active users, which share cool content & experiences by redistributing the platform earnings to the community

- Decentralized, transparent & privacy focused.

- Social commerce integration, publishers can sell their physical & digital content for fiat currencies or Cygnus token & Epsilon token, Cygnus business model is able to save significant amount of time and money to its users.

- A friends section with the ability to connect with millions of other users worldwide together and socialize.

- Blockchain integration which enables users to reward content creators with Cygnus token & Epsilon token.

- Design your own social media page without any forced fixed template. You could just free the creativity that is in you and create the most astonishing social media page ever built !

- Integration of a virtual world where everyone has its own avatar and can engage many different social activities, build their own world & create their own gameplay

- V.R. & A.R. integration on the platform which lets people explore a new way of user experience.

- Dedicated support for any issue concerning the platform.



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