Cygnus Marketplace

We aim not to work as an intermediary, but as a network which connects people together.

What is it ?

Cygnus marketplace is the most user-friendly & interactive, world's first and only all in one peer to peer global e-commerce ecosystem for all your needs within just 1 click away, Cygnus is flexible, dynamic, secure; users are able to take advantage of the following features:

- One Network, Cygnus e-commerce ecosystem enables the creation of one single platform eliminating the need to swap between millions of different applications in 200+ countries.

- 24h/7d online customer assistance service which aims to solve the current bad customer assistance industry gap experienced by 80% of the internet users;

- No ratings, over 60% of e-commerce ratings are fake, meaning several billions per year, 65% of online customers do not trust them anymore, Cygnus is the world’s first ecommerce platform which removes ratings in order to ensure there are no fakes, everyone is at the same level and people are not badly influenced, Cygnus itself verifies merchants, products & services to assure their reliability;


- Deal By Zone section, which enables everyone to receive any kind of product or service where preferred based on their location instantly or within a very short period of time.

- Europe focused physical products trade, In Europe there are millions of scattered e-commerce stores, lacking of a main e-commerce platform at 92%+, by implementing Cygnus e-commerce network we solve this huge gap and enable 750+ million people to access a new world of opportunities, comfort & freedom.

- Cygnus Logistics service, through global connections covering 200+ countries around the world we enable sellers to reach their audience easily & quickly globally, improving efficiency, mechanics and increasing revenue.

- E-learning, integration of the "Courses" section, which will evolve in the Cygnus education platform, we aim to create peer to peer, verified & reliable connections within the ecosystem between students and professors to easily learn anything online;

- Services, integration of physical & digital services of any sort acquirable the same way as a physical/digital product;

- Rewards to buyers & sellers based on based on the traction provided by implementing Cygnus profit redistribution in exchange of the contribution in the support of the network;

- Connection to Cygnus Bookings;

- Connection to Cygnus Directory;

- Connection to CygnusTube;


- Connection with Cygnus Business Network;
- The possibility to adopt Cygnus Token with the related benefits displayed below;

- And much more !


- Highest security level by processing payments off the platform through Cygnus wallets; 

- Payment between buyers and sellers is direct, no intermediary has any role to play;
- Transactions are instantaneous, meaning 3 days to 30 days in time saved;

- Transparent transactions, by enabling everyone to access the transactions on a public chain;

- Accessible to everyone in the world;

- No commissions from banks or payment softwares (3% to 8%);

- No cut on sales (15% to 70%); Enabling consistent discounts for buyers and sellers to not get their profit cut by x2, x3, x4 up to x10 times.

Platform Evolution

Some of the sections listed on Cygnus marketplace will evolve into their own platforms to create a more user-friendly & easier usable service integrating more features & improvements into the products.


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