Cygnus Logistics

Improve Efficiency, Mechanics & Reach The Whole World

What is Cygnus Logistics ?

Cygnus, through hundreds of globally distributed logistics connections, enables the implementation of Cygnus Marketplace vendors businesses in an already existing network & infrastructure of thousands of warehouses, hundreds of thousands of vehicles, hundreds of airplanes, ocean freight and flying drones at your disposal in 200+ countries in order to store and deliver merchandise.

Why Cygnus Logistics ?

By combining Cygnus Logistics network and Cygnus Marketplace, sellers are able to reach their audience on a global scale easily, quickly improving efficency & mechanics, these aspects usually lead to an increase of customers and revenue. In addition Cygnus Logistics service has other benefits attached, which can be found in the "Benefits" section below.

No Upfront Costs / Pay As You Go

Through Cygnus Logistics there are no upfront fees, all the costs will be performance based, the information about pricing can be found below in the "Pricing" section.


- No requirement to store or ship products, Cygnus will manage everything for you;

- Shipped by Cygnus mark with Cygnus logo, which improves trust & credibility of your business & products listed;

- Reach clients easily anywhere in the world in 200+ countries;

- Same day, one day & two day delivery abilitated due to the targeted locations;

- Access to Cygnus Delivery Network;

- Access to Cygnus 24/7 live chat customer assistance support for your clients in their native language in up to 200+ different countries based on the size of your operations.


- No upfront fees;

For more information about pricing please contact us through Cygnus Contact Module.


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