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What is Cygnus Gaming ?

Cygnus gaming is a software extesion of Cygnus marketplace; a client software dedicated exclusively to gaming, compatible and optimized for Cygnus Devices.

The platform hosts :

- Fully customizable in terms of colours & backgrounds.

- Video games store where to acquire video games for any platform & operative system with the ability to use Cygnus tokens, enabling the acquisition of millions of free video games.

- A friends section with the ability to connect with millions of other gamers worldwide together and socialize while playing.

- Video games library where to store every acquired video game and access it easily through the platform.

- Dedicated support for any issue concerning the platform.

- Video games streaming, a streaming service concerning video games available to everyone, where viewers are able to make donations to streamers by using Cygnus token.

- Cygnus Token Distribution implementation, rewarding the most active streamers & gamers.

- E-sports services such as organizing & marketing of e-sports tournaments, events & bets.

- Video games communities services integrated inside the platform, where everyone is able to join video games communities and get in touch with millions of other players and create its own cloud server to invite friends.

- Developers section, where software developers can find the right tools and support to build any kind of video game.

Cloud Gaming

Cygnus Cloud Gaming : Through Cygnus Cloud, we enable Cygnus Cloud Gaming service, which is an online cloud gaming solution based on Cygnus Blockchain Network.

Cygnus Cloud gaming features :

- High-Level Security, Cygnus Cloud Enterprise-level security prevents hacks and related issues. The data is stored and managed on the blockchain as well as the in-game processes.

- High-Level Scalability, through Cygnus Cloud, highly complex and resource consuming games can be easily played on low configuration set up devices that have memory, graphic card and processing power issues.

- Cloud  Flexibility, enabling to provide enterprise-level instant dynamic backend support improving gameplay performance compared to traditional applications.

- No Downloads, players are able to access and play the game instantly without need to download the video game nor its regular updates on their devices.

- No Cost, through Cygnus Cloud solution the IT cost is zero, enabling small to large sized gaming studios to save a large portion of their profits.

- No Piracy, since there is no copy of the game in circulation; the gamers play on Cygnus Blockchain Network with an access on their device.


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