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What is Cygnus Gaming ?

Cygnus gaming is a software extesion of Cygnus marketplace; a client software dedicated exclusively to gaming linked with Cygnus marketplace Video games section.

The platform hosts :

- Fully customizable in terms of colours & backgrounds.

- Video games store where to acquire video games for any platform & operative system with the ability to use both fiat currencies & Cygnus tokens, by adopting Cygnus business model the store is able to save significant amount of time and money to its users.

- A friends section with the ability to connect with millions of other gamers worldwide together and socialize while playing.

- Video games library where to store every acquired video game and access it easily through the platform.

- Dedicated support for any issue concerning the platform.

- Community gathering by implementing a forum dedicated just for the platform.

- Video games streaming, a streaming service concerning video games available to everyone, where viewers are able to make donations to streamers by using Cygnus token & Epislon token, which will increase even more the revenue of the streamers.

- Cygnus profit re-distribution implementation rewarding the most active streamers & gamers.

- E-sports services such as organizing & marketing of e-sports tournaments, events & bets.

- Video games communities services integrated inside the platform, where everyone is able to join video games communities and get in touch with millions of other players and create its own server to invite friends.

- Developers section, where software developers can find the right tools and support to build any kind of video game.

- Cygnus Cloud Gaming : Through Cygnus Cloud, we enable Cygnus Cloud Gaming service, which is an online cloud gaming solution based on Cygnus Blockchain Network. The gamer does not need high configuration hardware device or gaming PC. All the heavy lifting will be done in the cloud.

Cloud gaming features :

- Security
The industrial level security used by Cygnus Cloud prevents external interruptions such as hacking. In Cloud systems, the information is stored inside a virtual storage space and which makes the platform safer than other traditional applications.

- No Downloads, players are able to access and play video games instantly with 1 click without the need to download the video game on their device, meaning several hours or days saved in time to players.

- Compatible With Devices of Any Type
Using the highly scalable cloud platform, High-end games can be played even on lower-end machines. The limitation caused by memory requirements, graphic capacity and processing power diminishes with cloud solutions and thus provides users, an exceptional gaming experience.

- Reduced Costs
In traditional models of gaming, the companies are required to pay more for bandwidth when the traffic in the system is high. This usually happens when companies have released a new gaming title. In normal traffic periods, gaming companies use about 10 percent of server space and bandwidth and reserve the remaining 90 percentage. Cygnus Cloud system follows a ‘pay as you go’ payment strategy in which gaming companies pay only for the resources which they have utilized.

- No More Piracy
Unlike in other systems, the physical gaming software is not available to the market, which avoids the chances of piracy. Instead of the physical computers, the gamers play games on Cygnus Blockchain Network with an access on their personal computers. So cloud diminishes the chances of unauthorized manipulation and interruptions.

- Availability of More Devices
Rather than depending on “consoles”, cloud computing supports the usage of multiple devices such as smartphones, laptops, palm-held devices, desktops, etc. The game players can enjoy the games from anywhere in the world without even carrying the console. Through the support of cloud computing, players can enjoy their moments with a broader range of devices which belong to their routine usage.

- Immediate and Dynamic Backend Support
Compared to traditional applications, in terms of the storage capacity, cloud applications are more flexible and scalable. This makes gaming companies to provide information to the gamers as soon as they log into their account. Cloud computing platforms help gamers to perform the functions, such as saving the game or protecting it from regular access without any difficulties. The immediate response and regular access provide gamers more delightful experience and upkeep their satisfaction levels.

- Access to Multiple Games
Cloud provides the gamers the chance to play multiple games at a time. This helps companies to generate more revenue and gamers to get a delighting experience. It makes the gaming sector more dynamic by bringing active involvement of the gamers and the providers. Indeed, it forms a scenario where highly innovative and constructive contributions happen.


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