Cygnus E-Sim

Blockchain Based Fully Digital E-Sim

What is Cygnus E-Sim ?

Cygnus E-Sim is the next generation of Mobile communication interaction, enabling blockchain based fully digital decentralized immutable mobile infrastructure through Cygnus Blockchain Network, features:


a) No Cost: The cost of telecommunication services on Cygnus Blockchain Network is close to zero, meaning enables the saving of trillions of dollars in telecommunication costs.

b) No Hack: The data processed through Cygnus Blockchain Network is transparent, immutable and cannot be altered or manipulated in any case, each user within the network is able to store its personal data safely without reliance on vulnerable central servers or authorities, preventing breaches.

c) Unlimited Scalability: Being based on Cygnus Blockchain Network, allows Cygnus E-Sim to be infinitely scalable and able to handle large amount of data without any issues.

Cygnus Devices

Cygnus E-Sim is implemented in Cygnus Devices by default if needed, with an easy to use set up and maintenance mechanism, it enables unlimited minutes, internet and sms in/to any country.