Cygnus Cloud 

Decentralized Cloud Storage & Hosting Commission Free

What is Cygnus Cloud ?

Cygnus Cloud is the next generation of cloud computing, enabling serverless decentralized immutable storage of data at no cost through Cygnus Blockchain Network, features:


a) No Cost: The cost of cloud & hosting services on Cygnus Blockchain Network is zero, meaning enables the saving of trillions of dollars in cloud computing costs.

b) No Hack: The data processed through Cygnus Blockchain Network is transparent, immutable and cannot be altered or manipulated in any case, each user within the network is able to store its personal data safely without reliance on vulnerable central servers or authorities, meaning data breaches of hundreds of millions of accounts such as the ones at Facebook, Jp Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Ubs and many others are avoidable.

c) No Maintenance: Cygnus Blockchain Network requires zero maintenance, it scales as the network changes.

d) No Down Times: Conversely than physical servers Cygnus Blockchain Network cannot be shut down and will remain active 24h/7d forever.

e) No Physical Presence: no damage, deterioration, destruction are possible since there is no physical infrastructure that can be harmed.


Cygnus DCDN

Cygnus Cloud integrates its world's first Decentralized Content Delivery Network (DCDN), distributed accross Cygnus devices through an isolated, sharded and load balanced application container network in each of those, enabling zero latency and never overload.

Cygnus Load Balancer

Cygnus Cloud integrates the fully automated Cygnus load balancer software extension, which enables automated blockchain distributed load balancing and all in one static/dynamic cache & object cache, integrating additional monitoring & security features and controls.

Cygnus WAF

Cygnus WAF is the Cygnus DNS based fully automated solution that enables full-featured application protection, enabling the mitigation of brute force attacks, DDoS attacks, content scraping, malicious scripts attack, spamming, credit card enumeration, bad bots and more for web applications, APIs and microservices.

Cygnus GEO

Cygnus GEO is the fully automated Geolocation and Geocoding solution, enabling user localization and personalized content to be displayed.

Support & Management

Cygnus Cloud integrates the most cost effective Cloud & Software project development support, thorugh subscriptions you can access improved Website/Platform/Cloud assistance, website/platform set up, constant support and management, additional consulting, advice, features and tools. Through Cygnus Services connection you can access high-level professional software & IT development as well as Search engine optimization, marketing and other services for your platform.