Pandora City

Next Generation Decentralized & Autonomus Living


Our vision is to create a totally new type of decentralized & autonomous city powered by blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, internet of things and neurotechnology which will be at forefront of any innovation globally, built with initial support to 100 thousand to 1 million people, able to be extended to several millions in the future.

Physical & Virtual

Cygnus City will be both physical & virtual, the virtual application will be the world's first blockchain based virtual city powered by Cygnus Multiverse

The physical version is going to be built in Africa/Europe and a future extension of multiple city will cover many other countries

Autonomous & Decentralized

Both physical & virtual application

Daisy like A.I. assistants, autonomous vehicles, internet of things 

A restricted version of the Global Brain.

Clean Energy

Cygnus City will be fully powered by electric power from clean sources


Community powered extensions designed by users will be able to be added in order to create a people powered ecosystem with features meant to improve the environment, mainly in Cygnus Multiverse, where everyone will be able to shape its own project.

In addition Cygnus City in the future will be able to be extended in order to accomodate even more people a well as could evolve in a series of hundreds of cities around the world.


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