Cygnus B. Network

Enabling people to unite to build the world's future

What is Cygnus Business Network ?

Cygnus ecosystem provides a unique business network for people and entrepreneurs covering any existing industry and companies of any size, the main aim of the network is to innovate and improve the world as we know it creating lasting value, one of the goals is to enable people to get in touch with work, problems, solutions, entrepreneurship and start their own projects or join already existing ones with almost no cost. The functions of the network are enable and facilitate work & business connections, share content & experience, provide education & funding, start new businesses, expand already existing businesses.

Covered Industries

Cygnus business network covers almost every available industry, here's the list of some of the main industries covered:

  • Science & Technology 

  • Healthcare & Pharmaceutical 

  • Internet

  • Education

  • Electronics 

  • Aereospace

  • Transportation

  • Banking

  • Telecommunication

  • Agriculture

  • Construction & Real Estate

  • Food

  • Hospitality 

  • Entertainment 

  • News / Media

  • Energy 

  • Manufacturing 

  • Music

Renaissance Project

Cygnus Renaissance Project, which will see Cygnus committing part of its profits in first place, aims to incentivize businesses and individuals around the world to connect together in order to create the necessary infrastructure to pursue any kind of project, solve most of the world's issues included but not limited to poverty, diseases, conflicts, human rights, environmental issues and empower people and the world like never before.


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