Cygnus Blockchain

The Infrastructure Of A New Internet, The Web X

What is Cygnus Blockchain ?

Cygnus Blockchain Network is the open source software infrastructure which enables decentralized data storage, personal data ownership, creation of smart contracts, decentralized applications, advanced security, transparency, immutability, Cygnus Token mechanics and more within Cygnus Ecosystem.

Why Cygnus Blockchain ?

Cygnus Blockchain Network is able to scale up to unlimited scalability (∞), redimension & be managed through the creation of a network diversified in multiple techniques and mechanics such as vertical scaling, cross-chain interoperability, inter-blockchain communication protocol (IBC), blockchain generation protocol (BGP), Sharding and eventual Second layer solutions. In addition, implements quantum resistance protocol (QRP) making it capable to be secured against Quantum computing attacks. These features enable Cygnus Blockchain Network to be adopted for industrial usecases by billions of users worldwide.


The very end goal of the project in the long run is to achieve "Pandora Zero Energy Eternal Autonomous Intelligent Temporal Quantum Blockchain Network (PZEEAITQBN)" powered by Zero Energy Temporal & Quantum mechanics, which will be forever autonomously capable of processing, hosting and managing any kind of data or system, which may be transportation, neural computing, large-scale manufacturing, internet of things,  artificial intelligence, lighting, satellites and many more, replacing electricity, gas, fuel and many other materials, systems and mechanics.

Future Concept

PZEEAITQBN future concept is based on an atom/particles/molecular-like architecture with unlimited amount of atoms/particles/molecules available (∞), continuosly autonomous self-replicating generation (BGP protocol-like) and self-healing propagated in the universe at the speed of light, creating an indestructible infrastructure able to last for hundreds of trillions of years. This architecture is able to power everything and through it we can access any data, information, communication etc. in any point of the Universe, we could be able to utilize it to transport/move ourselves through the in-universe network of molecules and we could use it to replicate the Universe and/or create / extend the current one forever.


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