Blockchain + 5G

The Next Level Global Internet Network

Cygnus Blockchain + 5G

In the telecommunication industry, 5G is the next inevitable revolution, we can expect the 5G internet network to be fully active & operational worldwide in the next decades, as the new infrastructure of the internet, Cygnus Blockchain Network will be necessary to provide the appropriate infrastructure to such delicate system.


- Security, the hack-proof Cygnus Blockchain Network makes use of cryptography, meaning all the information is encrypted and secured. The combination of Blockchain with 5G enables distributed trust models able to prevent breaches in combination with immutability and transparency, which allow data to be recorded immutably with no alteration or manipulation involved and publicly available on Cygnus public chain​.

- Scalability, Cygnus Blockchain Network is able to scale infinitely to any amount of users and network  storage space & usage, this allows 5G to be adopted easily without any scalability related issues while providing high level trust in the system.

- Decentralized, Blockchain technology, by being a decentralized system, enables a self-governing ecosystem with no requirements of trusted third parties.

- Cost Saving, utilizing Cygnus Blockchain Network and its peer to peer nature as the 5G infrastructure for unlimited amount of users requires zero costs in both sustainability and maintenance, meaning enables the saving of trillions of dollars;


5G network, in the future, will be migrated upon 6G network and then Quantum Internet network with in-between possible other solutions to keep up the speed, security, stability & reliability of the underline network.


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