Cygnus Blockchain

The Infrastructure Of A New Internet, The Web X

What is Cygnus Blockchain ?

Cygnus Blockchain Network is the open source software infrastructure which enables decentralized storage of data, creation of smart contracts, decentralized applications, advanced security, transparency, immutability, Cygnus profit redistribution & safe + peer to peer transactions between parties and more within Cygnus Ecosystem.

Why Cygnus Blockchain ?

Cygnus Blockchain Network is able to scale up to unlimited scalability (∞), redimension & be managed through the creation of a network diversified in multiple techniques and mechanics such as vertical scaling, cross-chain interoperability, inter-blockchain communication protocol (IBC), blockchain generation protocol (BGP), Sharding and eventual Second layer solutions. In addition, implements quantum resistance protocol (QRP) making it capable to be secured against Quantum computing attacks. These features enable Cygnus Blockchain Network to be adopted for industrial usecases by billions of users worldwide.


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