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What is Cygnus ?

Cygnus project has been under management and development for years, Cygnus ecosystem concept/idea started in January 2018 with the aim to revolutionize the internet & the world by providing new innovative & unique technologies & tools in order to position Cygnus as the main reference point of the current internet sphere, a light in the darknesses of fraud, breaches, corruption, political, financial & users manipulations, third parties & middlemen, corporate profit driven structure, poverty, human rights violation, barriers, limitations & more. Basically fixing the broken internet through the replacement of the foundational technologies, content structures, models and applications while creating a new decentralized way to see the web by being fair & owned by the people instead of large corporations, manipulations, middlemen & third parties, where everyone is equal.

Cygnus, during its years of existence, expanded in multiple industries such as Blockchain Technology, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Payment Processing, Digital Identity, E-commerce, Logistics, Online Travel & Bookings, Databases, Advertising, Social Networks, Gaming, E-sports, Internet Of Things, Artificial Intellingence, Neurotechnology and non profit initiatives through Cygnus Renaissance project in regards to poverty, diseases, conflicts, human rights, environmental issues and more, covering now 30+ different projects which aim to shape the world's future, in addition integrates Cygnus Business Network, providing Expertise & Tools in almost every industry available to people & entrepreneurs.

Cygnus aims to bring the world together by providing a global solution built by the people for the people without barriers which fits at best for everyone.



Cygnus team, its connections & collaborators, composed by millions of people from 200+ countries worldwide, enable Cygnus to be more than a company, a community owned movement, where everyone has its own share of the network, to establish a common mental & social state of prosperity empowering the people and participating, involving all the contributors to the network, in first place to the resolution of some of the world's biggest challenges for the present and the future driven by a common sense of integrity.



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